Greensens Flower sensors allow you to monitor the health of you flowers and plants.

With the help of greensens you can connect up to 10 flower sensors to a hub and monitor their health and well-being through an app. You can now see exactly how much water, light and temperature your plant needs to be happy. Add your plant details to the app, insert a flower sensor to your pot and get real-time updates. Receive notifications for when your plant needs watering, more sunlight, or a change in temperature. Flowers and plants live longer with the Greensens Flower Sensor, which is why you and your flowers will love it!


Overall Feeling

Measure the overall feeling of your flowers. Know how you can make them feel better.


Know how much sunlight your flowers are getting. Find out when they need more sun.


See how much moisture your flowers have. Know when you need to water them.


Find out the temperature of your plant. Get tips on how to maintain the right temperature.


Know when your plant needs looking after, helping you make sure your plants are happy

Solar Charged

The sensors are solar charged, so you never have to worry about running out of battery.

Insert Flower Sensor

Add your flower to the app and put a sensor in your pot.

Connect USB Hub

Up to 10 sensor can connect to a WiFi USB Hub

Get App Updates

Real-time updates help keep your plants happy


Hub is sensors gateway to online. It helps to connect up to 10 sensors with internet and greensens App. Hub connects to internet via your home or office WiFi network.
We designed the hub to use USB as power source, so you can use any USB power supply and it will work internationally. You can plug hub in any device with USB port (router, laptop, wall socket adapter from your phone, etc.), no worries usb only gets power from host and do not influence it.
We don’t want to bill you until we are ready for shipping your order. Before delivery we will send you extra link where you can enter payment data and confirm the order.
Yes. When you start the App you will be asked to enter your minimum data or register over social networks.
No. Sensor has it’s own solar panel, so will newer need to do any battery replacent.
The sensor measures through the non-conductive surface by using an electric field and measuring the capacitance, that is attenuated by different moisture levels in the soil.